Rock Krawler Suspensions Lift Kit – Overview

As some of you may have seen on the Bender Customs FB Page we are in the process of gathering parts to start building up our 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara aka “Project Getaway”. Our intent with this build is predominantly for family day trips, or weekend overland adventures. Some of the components we have decided on may seem like overkill for an overland style build. But, we want piece of mind when we are off-road with our family. Plus, we still want to do an occasional day trip in the rocks with the boys if the chance comes up. So we are looking to find a decent blend between “weekend overland” and “weekend rock crawler” on our daily driven project JKU. A shot of our JKU in its current state with taller factory springs (17 front, 58 rear), factory Rubicon shocks and 3/4″ spacer lift out front. 64050_4186453256425_906340903_n We have been researching suspension lifts that would fit our needs on numerous Jeep forums for the last few months. There are a ton of products available for the Jeep JK from numerous manufacturers. So, there is a mountain of info to sift through in order to make the right decisions for your particular needs. During all those hours of reading one manufacturer’s name kept coming up, Rock Krawler Suspension. After reading tons of favorable consumer based reviews about Rock Krawler Suspension’s products in general, we decided to look into their line-up of suspension lifts a little deeper. Our requirements going into buying a lift were as follows: 1. Kit must include new springs front and rear for improved performance. 2. New shocks were another “must have” to match the taller lift springs. 3. We needed the kit to accommodate 35″ tires with the stock fender flares. 4. Bare minimum front lower control arms to adjust caster, but all four lowers arms would be a plus. 5. And last but not least, a new front track bar to finish off the list. With our wish list in hand we started looking at the 2.5″ lift kits from RK. We were immediately pleased with the specifications of the 2.5″ Max Travel Kit. It met, or well exceeded, all our wish list requirements. Plus, it included new stainless steel brake lines front and rear. A really nice bonus! We also got a chance to talk to the guys at Rock Krawler during the Pomona Off-Road Expo recently. They had their lower control arms and shocks on display in their booth. We were surprised at how beefy the arms were, they are manufactured from solid steel not tubing! After seeing the quality of the components in person, we were pretty confident the RK 2.5″ Max Travel lift would be ideal for our needs. Plus, all Rock Krawler products are 100% made in the USA. Sold! Fast forward to present day and we now have the complete kit in hand, with bumpstops and shocks. As we rifled through the boxes we were very impressed with the quality of the components we hadn’t seen in person yet. Another thing that impressed us was the quality of the packaging the lift kit arrived in. Everything was packed into the boxes like a puzzle with ample packing material to avoid damage during the shipping process. Here’s a quick rundown of what the kit we ordered included. First box we opened contained the 2.0 RRD Shocks. Shocks include aluminum fluted shock bodies for better cooling, as well as overall weight savings. They also feature a 3/4″ shock shaft, and can easily be upgraded to a remote reservoir shock via the built in valve stem. Money! 2013-11-08-05.26.59 Valve stem for the remote reservoir. 2013-11-08-05.27.35 Rear shocks. Fit and finish is amazing! 2013-11-08-19.57.04 2013-11-08-19.57.33 A couple photos after the factory RK stickers have been applied. 2013-11-22-01.20.05 2013-11-22-01.20.53 Next box contained the springs, front progressive coils. 2013-11-08-05.19.41 Rear coils. 2013-11-08-05.17.59 A shot of the rear track bar bracket. The welds and overall fabrication look really clean! 2013-11-08-05.15.56 The new super-beef front adjustable track bar. 2013-11-08-05.31.39 Rear sway bar links. I left these in the package so no hardware goes MIA. All bags are individually sealed to keep parts from banging against each other during shipping and handling, a really nice touch! 2013-11-08-05.23.47 Front sway bar links / disconnects. 2013-11-08-05.21.13 Front and rear bumpstops. These are option parts that are sold separately depending on application and desired tire size. 2013-11-08-19.51.20 Precisely fabbed rear bumpstops. 2013-11-08-19.50.56 Stainless steel brake lines front and rear. 2013-11-08-05.24.45 The high clearance lower links. Again super beefy! 2013-11-08-05.41.10 2013-11-08-05.11.46 The monster Krawler joints! 2013-11-08-05.41.19 We are really excited about getting this kit installed, as well as testing it on and off-road! Stay tuned for more on the Project Getaway JK, including lift install highlights and eventually running video!